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The former Member for New England Tony Windsor has revealed that a recent visit to the New Zealand High Commission in Canberra last week was unrelated to the Barnaby Joyce citizenship crisis.

Earlier this morning, the Deputy Prime Minister told Parliament that he’s referring himself to the High Court of Australia after the Kiwis got in touch over the weekend regarding his eligibility for citizenship.

Joyce’s father was born on Aotearoa and came to Australia in 1947, meaning the Tamworth father is eligible for New Zealandanese citizenship should he apply for it.

However, Joyce has said neither he or his parents have any reason to think he’s anything but Australian.

“This is just a precautionary measure,” said Barnaby.

“It’s highly unlikely that I’m New Zealandanese, but I am eligible under their law so I’m referring myself to the High Court to clear myself. That’s all.”

However, it’s understood by The Advocate that his arch-nemesis Tony Windsor was seen at the New Zealand High Commission in Canberra last week.

“It’s just a coincidence, I guess,” said Windsor.

“I was there to apply for a, ahh, a yeee a work visa, you see?”

“There’s a nice job going in Christchurch working on land access and renewal. It’s a pretty plumb job and I’m simply bored of being retired. Us old farmers enjoy keeping busy. You hear those stories about cockies retiring off and having nothing to do and they end up croaking [laughs] So yeah. Massive coincidence.”

More to come.


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