Maverick federal senator Nick Xenophon this afternoon placed a pint of not very good beer in the oven to heat it up, before indulging in a few saturday arvo drinks.

“Oooh yeah. That looks good” said the Senator, while The Clash’s greatest hits play in the background.

“This looks good, yeah?”

It is believed that Senator Xenophon picked up this trick from his 86-year-old father, Theodoros Xenophou, who is from Cyprus, which was a British colony until 1960.

“This whole cold beer thing is uniquely Australian, this is how they drink them in my old man’s country” he said

This comes after the South Australian today announced he will refer his entire career in politics to the High Court after discovering he has a form of British citizenship – which was passed onto him by his Cypriot father — because Australia is one of only nine countries which allowed him to keep it.

Speaking outside a British pub in Adelaide, Senator Xenophon said the UK Home Office had confirmed that made him a British overseas citizen, meaning he may be ineligible to sit in Parliament.


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