Green’s Senator and party leader, Richard Di Natale, says he is feeling like a new man after leaving his collection of semi precious stones out on Friday night.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, Senator Di Natale says he feels like he got very lucky being able to land a full moon so close to the start of the year.

“Some people tend to live their lives between specific public holidays. I live between moons” he said.

“It really keeps me in sync with everyone else if I can get a full moon so close to January one. It’s essentially my way of bringing in the new year”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a full moon or new moon, what I feel is most important is that you be very clear on what your intentions are and that you align them with that particular phase of the moon”

Di Natale, who is a registered doctor, has in the past openly criticised what he calls ‘modern medicine’ and has even gone as far as writing a handwritten letter to Malcolm Turnbull asking him to ‘free the herb’

He says his interest in spirit science has a large influence on not only his politics but also his daily rituals.

“Several of my crystals have vibrational frequencies that align with the moon in general, no matter what phase the moon is in at that particular time. But full moons are always the most energetic”

“I feel on top of the world now. I keep a couple crystals under my pillow at home. A few under my desk and one in the prius. I can feel the moons vibrations. It’s so vibrant”


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