A prominent Gen-Y social commentator has been having a particularly hard time trying to harness the same audiences as Alan Jones and Steve Price, while also trying to avoid being a class and generation traitor.

Paul ‘The Boomer Liason’ Murray has for many years now made a career broadcasting hot button issues that really don’t affect anyone from his generation, but keep the post-war generation’s blood hot, and also makes them feel like they aren’t getting old and bitter because there is a young person who says what they are thinking.

With the gay marriage debate heating up, Murray has been quick to tackle the issue of ‘whingeing lefties’ while also delicately trying to not promote his own deeply-closeted progressive brand of politics.

“It’s political correctness gone mad” he says, in a vague shot at the left without really going near his own stance on marriage equality.

“Wheres the common sense?!?”

As a young Australian commentator, Paul Murray struggles to advocate the instinctive opinions of a majority of people his age and younger, who don’t necessarily feel threatened by equality, while also letting his grey army of rusted on retirees that their is nothing wrong with their prejudices.

Much like the template of conservative talkback mentors, Paul Murray’s Sky News program, Paul Murray Live has gradually evolved into a series of rants about topics that resonate with upper middle class baby boomers, who despite their track record of warehousing poor black kids in prison, destroying the environment, crippling a national housing market and declaring unnecessary wars – all with the help of free university degrees – still feel as though they’ve had it harder than any Australians before or after them.

“Where’s the respect. These sooks have it too easy nowadays” he roars down the camera, with tears welling in his eyes.

“I’m young and I agree with you, at home!”

“Tax payer funded ABC! Sooks! Stricter sentencing! Political correctness! Australia Day! LGBTI bullies! What’s protesting gonna do!? Go get a job! ANZAC! Boats!”



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