11 May, 2017. 14:23

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Greens leader Richard Di Natale has referred to the Treasuer as a ‘typical Taurus’ this afternoon during a speech to the Senate in response to this week’s federal budget.

Scott Morrison’s second budget has received mixed reviews, mostly from the overprivileged educated left, while other more sensible commentators have also been left scratching their heads.

Describing the fiscal policy outlined by the Cronulla bible thumper as ‘bullish’ and ‘aggressive,’ Di Natale rolled his eyes a number of times during the speech, which also took aim at some of his Senate colleagues.

“I mean, hello,” said Di Natalie. “He’s [Morrison] such a typical Taurus. Like a bull in a china shop. So dumb! God, there’s so much stuff he’s left out and so much stuff he’s given too much to. Bullish, aggressive budget! Sad!”

However, Morrison hit back a short time later.

The 48-year-old suggestws that perhaps the Greens leave ‘the big boy politics’ to the ‘big boys’ and to ‘leave his crystals and zodiac medicine back in the rainforest where it belongs.’

“Yeah, look. We can’t all run around kissing hands and shaking babies like the Greens do,” said Morrison.

“I am a fucking Taurus and I love being one. But grow up cunt. Don’t bring that shit into Parliament. ”

“It’s bad enough we let him use his special crystals to put a curse on Cory Bernardi after he jumped ship. That was weird but we had our nuts stapled to the wall over that one so we tried something different.”

“Just let me do my job.”

More to come.


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