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As millions of Queenslanders head to the polls today, the rest of the nation looks on with wonder and anticipation.

Often a great litmus test for the country’s political sentiments as a whole, the election is the first since controversial paramilitary organisation, One Nation, won a number of Federal Senate seats last year.

Which is why the question on everyone’s lips is will Queensland validate the existence of Pauline Hanson by voting her into even more power – or let her and her party evaporate into the annals of history?

Local businesswoman, Justine Greer, spoke to The Advocate just minutes after casting her vote at South Betoota Public School this afternoon.

“I hate everyone and everything to do with politics so I wrote a swear word on the ballot paper and put in through the slot,” she said.

“Fuck the southeast and fuck the reef, it’s already dead. Build us a new hospital, now!”

Another voter said One Nation didn’ stand a chance because Queensland doesn’t have an upper house.

“That’s where you find all the lunatics, in the upper house,” said local farmer Walter Greencoat.

“Here in Queensland, we shitcanned that idea a long time ago. Just look at other states. You’ve got that gibbering old cunt Fred Nile still poking about down in Mexico. Abolish state government, it’s the only way forward! Australia not for sale! Australia not for sale!”

After speaking to a number of voters, there was no clear consensus of who is voting for One Nation, which is alarming to many local electoral pundits.

The voting continues.


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