One Nation has lost yet another candidate for the next Queensland election, after former policeman Mark Ellis announced he is no longer standing due to outrage over his role in a child abduction case in the 1990s.

Mr Ellis, who was endorsed to contest the Logan seat of Macalister, announced his withdrawal on his Facebook page on Wednesday, after being criticised for being member of the “Pinkenba Six”.

Mr Ellis was one of six police officers charged in 1994 with kidnapping three Indigenous youths from Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and leaving them 12km away in Pinkenba.

One Nation leader and federal senator, Pauline Hanson is yet to condemn the act of abducting Aboriginal children and threatening to cut their fingers off and demanding they strip their clothes off, however she has taken shots at the media reporting on the issue.

“It’s just PC gone mad” she said in her monotone grandmotherly voice.

“Mark was perfect for One Nation, but the leftie media think his track record of mowing swastikas into his lawn and threatening to murder female coworkers is just soooo important”

“As for the abducting Aboriginal children, technically that’s not even politically incorrect”

“Haven’t you watched Rabbit-Proof-Fence? Our government used to be made up of people who enjoyed abducting Aboriginal kids.”

“Mr Ellis is an old fashioned Aussie. He would have made a great contribution towards making Australia great again”

The fact that Mark Ellis had to in fact sack himself has left Australians increasingly nervous about how bad someone would have to fuck up in order to get unendorsed by Pauline Hanson.


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