23 September, 2016. 16:00


In a candid interview with the Advocate, One Nation Senator Malcom Roberts revealed that all of his polices stem from YouTube material.

“Pauline and I have spent a lot of time together researching what they don’t want us, and you, to know!” Roberts said.

“Last night we were up until 4:00 am learning the facts about Islam and Climate Change. I offered her one of my very own aluminium headpieces but she didn’t want to mess up her hair” he said.

“After hours of research on the UncenSAWED NeWz69 YouTube channel… I can tell you the rot that the CSIRO and our small ‘L’ Prime Minister spit out is complete rubbish,”

Senator Roberts explained that There have been many late nights dedicated to “venturing down the rabbit hole,”

“I feel that it’s my duty to wake Australia up. To give them some facts that isn’t spoon fed to them by those Jew’s, the Rothschild’s.”

After demanding to know what happened to Building 7, Roberts said that the wherabouts of Harold Holt was the last of his worries.

“I worry what the Chinese did to our former Prime Minister, but at the same time it’s low on my list of concerns,”

“We are being by swamped by Muslims, made to pay for climate change that doesn’t exist and are on the verge of been enslaved by the Hillsong Church. It’s time we wake some of these sheeple up,” he spits in fury.

On climate change the senator told the Advocate“It’s all there. It’s all there. Everything. Prove to me that NASA isn’t perverting the data on climate change? It’s all a giant scam to channel funds into the coffers of those Jewish bankers.”

Roberts says he subscribes to numerous Aussie Patriot channels because at least they are “trying to do something about this invasion that we are facing. We have already lost three people to Islamic terrorism.”

“If you leave it to these latte sipping lefties, we will be under Sharia law and living in a caliphate (is that what you call it?) in no time.”

Pauline Hanson explained that Roberts is her most trusted source in these uncertain times.

“Look, I know that when I talk to Malcom, he knows what he is talking about and he is being straight forward with me,” she said.

“I’ve never been big on the research side of my political policies, so Senator Roberts has been a big help,”

Hanson signed off with “You will be hearing a lot more from Malcolm and I, and they will try silencing us. Because we are dangerous, and what we know is dangerous. But we won’t be silenced.”


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