The nation’s shadow leader has this week reportedly contemplated the idea of offering up some shadow policy.

This comes after another few months come and go with the leader of the Opposition coasting along in the background, presumably biding his time until the lead up to the next federal election.

Seeming to somewhat kick out of nuetral, Anthony Albanese yesterday thought about deciding to toss up the idea of suggesting an alternative to having a national day of celebration on January 26, before settling for something far closer to the status quo.

Speaking in Canberra, instead of just announcing he’d change the date if he became Prime Minister, Albanese suggested holding a referendum on constitutional recognition for First Australian’s on the 26th of January.

He told other news organizations yesterday that he hopes the referendum, would be a workable option that wouldn’t create division in society – as if he was out of the country when the whole marriage equality plebiscite happened because another national leader didn’t have the spine to just announce that he was changing legislation, because that was his job.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, Albanese explained that he’s just not sure about offering something so different to Coalition policy.

“Instead of offering to change the date that some people want to be changed and some people don’t, I’ve come up with this convoluted plan for a referendum, that definitely wouldn’t create more division ahead of the 26th of January.”

“I think it’s a cool policy really.”

“Nothing too radical.”


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