11 October 2016. 15:25


NSW Premier Mike Baird has been spotted backflipping down the Dapto Greyhound Racing Club last night, racing against the other dogs present at the track.

It is believed that the track’s motorised ‘jack rabbit’ was fitted with a brown paper bag full of money, as Baird competed with the popular racing dogs for his prize.

It is believed a battered, puffed and noticeably unpopular Baird was able to leave the race track with the money in the boot of his sea-salt battered BMW 4WD.

Mr Baird has denied that he has been live baited by the blood of Christ leading up to his controversial back flipping in 2016.

In a bizarre coincidence, today New South Wales Premier Mike Baird says he ditched a ban on greyhounds because he “got it wrong” and believes the majority of the community wants the industry to have a second chance.

NSW cabinet ministers this morning officially signed off on a plan to reverse the greyhound racing ban.

Baird has been lambasted for his peculiar behaviour by his Hillsong-associated advisors today, after previously promising them that the CBD location for Wentworth Park was to be handed over to the church as an inner-city megachurch.


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