4 April, 2017. 11:23

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After being dumped by Sky Television late last week after a string of controversial comments, former Labor leader Mark Latham has vowed to take his Outsiders programme online – using the power of the internet superhighway to reach his devoted followers.

The 56-year-old has reportedly constructed a home television studio in his garage for the Facebook Live broadcast he plans to record each Sunday, something he says it totally necessary to legitimise the show.

“We have a limited capacity of around 30,” he said. “Forty if we put the Camry out on the street.”

In addition to a live studio audience, the outspoken Pisces has enlisted the help of friends and family to crew and produce the variety hour.

“It’s BYO, as well. The punters can bring a carton or a box of wine along with them, we’re providing party pies and other finger foods from 6pm, too,” said Latham.

“I’ve got the wife as the Director of Photography and Executive Producer. And if there’s any trouble, I’ve got Simon Crean and Bill Hayden running the door. I’ve seen Creano break a chair over Bob Brown before, he’s a fucking madman. Should be right on that account.”

Mark Latham’s Facebook Live Outsiders is set to air this Sunday evening at around 7pm.

More to come.


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