28 February, 2017. 9:45

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Each year, the prime minister takes the time to properly unwind and destress by watching The Oscars – something he’d enjoyed doing for most of his adult life.

A known movie buff and Oscars devotee, Malcolm Turnbull explained to Marie Claire magazine in 2008 that he loves kicking off his shoes after a long hard day of working for the Australian people by pouring himself a glass of some good stuff, curling up on the couch in his home theatre and trying to guess who’s going to take home the gong.

However, this year was different.

The political turmoil surrounding the former merchant banker has reached fever-pitch, with a number of conservative members and senators coming out of the woodwork with an axe to grind.

“It just wasn’t the same,” said Mr Turnbull.

“No matter what I did, I couldn’t enjoy myself. There’s just too much on my mind at the moment. You know, with that Bible-thumping Koran-burning lunatic splintering off in the senate. Then you’ve got Tony taking pot shots at me like we’re Jude Law and Ed Harris in Enemy At The Gates.”

Even the biggest gaffe in Oscars history could lighten the mood inside that Point Piper home theatre, with barely a smile coming across the PM’s face as he watched a hundred hearts break at the same time

“That was pretty funny, I can laugh at it now,” he said.

“God, I was so tired yesterday, I didn’t even get changed out of my suit before I flopped down on the sofa like a lovestruck teenager. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.”

More to come.


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