Debates rage over controversial One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts, and whether he is eligible to sit in Parliament today, after the climate skeptic nationalist refused to release documents proving he has renounced his dual-citizenship elsewhere in the world.

Senator Roberts was born in India and his father was Welsh, but he denies he is a dual citizen in either of those countries and has released a statutory declaration after coming under pressure to clarify his status, due to the resignation of two Greens senators with dual citizenship and Matt Canavan quitting the Cabinet for the same reason.

However, suspicions have reignited today after several reporters spotted the Queensland senator watching an eight minute Youtube video titledSachin Tendulkar on Beast Mode !! Most Aggressive Batting VS NZ !!’

The Senator, who was voted in as a senator last year off the back of a far-right populist anti-multiculturalist party, has denied that his love of Sachin Tendulkar is proof of his possible dual-Indian citizenship.

“I just like watching highlights of early 2000s Indian cricketers” he said, before doing that little nod thing that Indians do.

“No one played like Sachin”

“But this is in no way enough evidence to stop me from bringing down the leftist media’s communist climate change conspiracy”

Birth records available online show Senator Roberts was recorded as a expatriated national in the past, but that would not affect his eligibility if he had subsequently renounced it.

Senator Roberts has not explained why he has not released any paperwork to prove he does not hold another citizenship, or show the rest of his Youtube search history.

Analysts predict that, in true One Nation fashion, Roberts will never admit to possibly being wrong, even if presented with fool-proof government evidence.



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