24 April, 2017. 15:34

WENDELL HUSSEY | Intern| Contact

One Nation Senator and champion of empirical science Malcolm Roberts was livid yesterday as numerous depictions of the Earth as a round circular globe were on display across the planet.

Yesterday saw many come to together for Earth Day and the coinciding Marches for Science.

However, Roberts has hit out at the organisers of the events for depicting the earth as a globe.

“It’s just plain wrong. There is not empirical evidence to suggest that the Earth is round. People are still relying on some guy’s account of sailing across it in the 1500’s or whatever,” he said.  

“Those loony communist crazy greens and their ‘Climate Change Cult’ have tried to pull the wool over people’s eyes about this and I simply won’t have it. I am a man of science and I will be taking this debate on.”

When shown footage of NSW Greens MP Jeremy ‘Stagecoach’ Buckingham standing next to an inflated Earth on Cronulla Beach, the One Nation firebrand began twitching.

“Down in Cronulla they should know better. They are good honest people down there and shouldn’t be indulging this sort of stuff,” Roberts said.

“Tell me, if the earth is Round, how come you can go to Antarctica and not fall off?” he asked.

“And don’t get me started on this March for Science stuff, it’s just ridiculous.”

Despite not having any vested interest in combatting climate change other than the future of the human race and the offspring, Roberts says all these people are using alternative facts to promote a crazy left wing agenda. 


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