Local man, Breece Birley (32) says he is a little disappointed to learn that the One Nation party is starting to crack.

“It’s a shame mate. They were really onto something”

“I can’t believe that a party of four federal senators with no experience working with anyone else weren’t able to tackle Canberra head on”

Birley says that five months ago the idea of voting for completely unqualified climate denying xenophobes was the best option he had, given his hatred of the political class.

“All pollies are crooks mate” he says.

“At least Pauline and the rest of her mob seemed like real people. Well that’s what I thought, until I started hearing some of the shit they were saying once they got in”

“Not sure how I feel about Pauline’s comments about women in abusive relationships. Bit too spicy that stuff”

However, despite the PUP-style infighting, Birley says he still has confidence in the populist anti-establishment politicians.

“Seeing Malcolm Roberts picking fights with the bureau of meteorology reminds me of when me Dad used to yell at the weatherman each night after he’d had a couple. It’s really quite comforting”

“It reminds me that I don’t always have to listen to people that are smarter than me”

He also says he can see the individual strengths of each on the extremist candidates, as they work towards toppling the idea of multiculturalism and look after white working class Australians for the first time since last election.

“You’ve got Pauline with her media experience, appearing on Sunrise each week during the campaign”

“…and Culleton is really good with his words too – it’s just what Canberra needs. He’s like the Honey Badger”

“And Burston is a good Cessnock boy. It means he knows what it’s like to be trodden on”


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