At 27-years-old, Liam Softchunt has been an employee of the Labor Party for just over ten years.

Despite only ever wearing high-vis a few times while visiting construction sites with his former employer, now-Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, Liam is a staunch advocate for industrial solidarity.

His affinity with the plight of the worker is epitomised by the Eureka stockade t-shirt he often wears to the gym, and the fact that he starts every email with the word ‘Comrade’.

In Australian politics, the term comrade is strongly associated with Communism and the Soviet Union, unless it is used in relation to the military. However it is still used as an informal form of address among some Labur Party members, and in a more serious manner by many smaller parties of the left.

While acknowledging that paying homage to the USSR over six times a day might be a bad look for his political party, Liam says it’s mainly a result of him not being working class enough to use the terms ‘bro’ or ‘brother’.

However, despite his watered down homage toward the Soviet Empire, Liam says claiming Russian President Vladimir Putin as an ally or even someone to look up to as a world leader is flat out disgusting.

Last week, the rapidly growing membership of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party stalled over the weekend, as distressed voters found themselves confused and angry by the federal senators recent ABC interview where she praised Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In an attempt to emulate President Trump’s brand of political shock, Ms Hanson said President Putin was ‘very patriotic towards his country’.

Liam says these comments are flat out disgraceful, even psychopathic.

“I was very glad to see my Comrade Bill Shorten get the drop on condenming these comments”

“It took Turnbull over twenty minutes to find a media scrum and condemn Pauline. Just disgusting”

“As for Pauline. It’s definitely the reason she lost the WA election to my Comrade Mark McGowan”

“Good to see common sense has provailed and the mighty workers will once again unite above the bogan bourgeoisie”

“It’s absolutely shameful”


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