Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has today made a public plea that his legacy not be forgotten.

The handball enthusiast and current spokesperson on all manner of things has urged the nation to remember that he is the Labor party’s ‘actual China guy.’

This follows the revelation that a Chinese billionaire gave $100,000 in cash to the NSW Labor party and the continual murky dinners, ceremonies and meetings taking place between people well connected to the Chinese Government and federal and state politicians.

That has lead to Kevin 07 asking everyone not forget that he should be the person they come to on anything China-related.

“Nǐ hǎo ma,” said Kevin to The Advocate today before launching into fluent Mandarin.

“Now, I know, there’s plenty in the great Labor party, who think they are an authority on everything, and would like to claim credit for everything,” he continued.

“But, not this. Not China. China, is my thing. Just like handball is my thing. I have a major in Chinese History and Chinese Language for fuck sake.”

“Albo might be called Ni Halbo, but I have an actual Chinese name Lú Kèwén.”

“He might be drinking bubble tea, Bill might be wearing air pollution masks and Tanya might be wearing ASS Club hoodies, but I built the foundations and China is my legacy.”

“So these fucking voters better not forget that.”


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