In a stark contrast to fellow One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts’ comments that suggest the soon-to-be natural disaster of Cyclone Debbie doesn’t actually exist, party leader Pauline Hanson has today blamed the major parties for not preventing this national emergency, like she would have.

Speaking to the media from the safety of Parliament house in Canberra today, the red-headed senator Pauline Hanson told North Queenslanders to make sure they were ready for the imminent Cyclone Debbie.

“Make sure you have enough Weetbix and milk and DVDs” she said.

“but leave Vegemite out of it. Because they are halal certified. Even in emergencies, we should be avoiding halal certification”

Hanson, who has already booked her flights to walk through the ravaged Capricornian towns later this week and take advantage of the suffering with hollow political promises, has also made it clear that this cyclone would have never happened under her watch.

“The major parties just aren’t listening” she said.

“Everyday Australians have made it clear. No more halal, no more refugees and no more cyclones”

“If I was in charge of Queensland, this would have never happened”

When asked how she could possibly be ‘in charge of Queensland’ – Pauline Hanson reiterated that they’ll know what she means soon enough, as her party hopes to win upward of 15 seats in the upcoming QLD state election.

“Of course, I’ll still be in Canberra. But I’ll have someone to run Queensland for me. Someone with common sense – someone like Malcolm Roberts”

“… Except he’ll be in Canberra too… So it’ll be someone I pick in a rush in the weeks leading to the election”

When asked how Cyclone Debbie could have possibly been avoided, Hanson said it could have been easily avoided if the major parties had just listened to everyday Australians, like the ones who just had their penalty rates slashed by One Nation and now have their childcare subsidies halved.


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