26 July, 2016. 10:56

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CONTROVERSIAL NORTHERN QUEENSLAND POLITICIAN George Christensen has kept his first election promise by ramping up his war on the powerful anti-mayonnaise lobby who will rest at nothing until the delicious thick, creamy dressing is removed from supermarket shelves.

Known throughout Queensland for its ability to turn any sandwich into a finger-licking good time, mayonnaise is often kept beside the corned beef and mango chutney in every fridge north of the Capricorn.

However, that basic human right was endangered prior to the election, which prompted the conservative heavyweight to declare war on those who hate the egg-based condiment.

The Advocate caught up with Christensen on the shoulder of a Mackay arterial road this afternoon.

“Every Queenslander has their favourite brand of mayonnaise,” he said, dabbing the sweat off his face and neck with a handkerchief.

“You have these Roma Street socialists who want to ban it, you have these perverts and sexual deviants wanting to remove it from supermarket shelves. What has Queensland become?”

“My local cafe makes a mayonnaise piccolo. I bring my brand of mayonnaise to Canberra with me because I can’t get it down there. It’s absolutely unacceptable. I will not stop fighting for the rights of mayonnaise producers and consumers.”

The 38-year-old’s penchant for the cheeky flavour enhancer is well known.

In 2011, he and his staff were stopped at the edge of the South Australian Agricultural Exclusion Zone while travelling overland between Melbourne and Adelaide.

Rather than surrender the 11 litres of “Aunty Gale’s Luxury Herb Mayonnaise” at the border, Christensen instructed his staff to join him in consuming every last gramme of it before they crossed into South Australia.

He was fined $456 for disturbing the peace and public indecency.


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