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Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull has announced plans to invest $104 million into new shelf storage units for human warehousing on Nauru and in other Australian detention centres.

While talking to the media in the Xenophobic hotspot of Mackay this morning, Mr Turnbull confirmed plans to fund the new technology which could see stateless refugees and asylum seekers successfully detained at a record one person peer square metre.

Between 2000 to 3000 people currently kept in sweltering detention camps across the world would be eligible for their very own shelf, which comes with an automated feeding tube and three hours of randomised UV lighting per day.

‘This is great example of using the latest technology available to make sure our children can live normal lives,’ Mr Turnbull said, flanked by Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and the larger Minister for Dawson, George Christensen

‘We estimate that 3000 people will be taking advantage of this, until we process them and find a country that has the space and political climate that will allow them to walk around,”

“This is the ideas boom in action!”

Health Minister Susan Ley said there was a high demand for these shelving units and that the funding was more than she had imagined.


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