A Western Queensland town that is already struggling to get young people to live and work there, is now one family less, after Border Force kicked in the front door of a family of Sri Lankan asylum seekers who’s visa had expired by 24 hours.

Nadesalingam and Priya, and their children aged two years and nine months, have lived in the remote Queensland town of Biloela for several years. That was until Australian Border Force officers, police and Serco guards raided their home at dawn last week, taking the husband and wife and their two Australia-born children into custody.

Dutton has today praised the work of his gallant Border Force soldiers for opening up a job at the Teys meatworks in Biloela, where Nadesalingam was employed as a labourer.

“Today, a coalition voter now has the opportunity to find work in a town 200km west of Rockhampton. That’s why we do this”

“And for that, I applaud the brave people who drove across the country to this sleepy rural working class town to rectify the wrongs perpetrated by these aliens”

Dutton went on to explain why it is so important to deport migrants the moment they show signs of struggling in their dealings with the bureaucracy that makes up the immigration department.

“This week, we opened up a job that was undeservedly given to someone who was unable to travel 1800 kilometres to Sydney and update his Visa in time”

“That’s one less working class family that doesn’t deserve to be living in Biloela, by birthright”

“If there are any other unorganised subcontintentals hiding in the 15,729 square kilometres that make up the Banana Shire…”

“…We will find you and we will send you back to the political unrest in which you desperately fled in search of a better life sweeping up cow guts”



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