Just days after the disgustingly corrupt co-deputy of the Australian Greens Party, Scott Ludlam, was forced to resign after discovering he was ineligible to hold office due to his dual-citzenship, the degenerate environmental extremist has today come forward with some even more shocking admissions.

In an unconscionable and deplorable admission to the media, Ludlam revealed this morning that he is still in possession of a ball point pen that he stole from the Bunbury National Australia Bank branch in 1997.

“What I did as a 27-year-old was a complete oversight and I apologise unreservedly”

“I understand I am not the first politician to walk out of a room full of bankers with an undeclared benefaction in my coat pocket – but I am definitely the first disgraced dual-citizen federal senator to do it”

Senator Ludlam, who was first elected to the Senate during the equally weak and conceited Kevin Rudd’s minesweeping election campaign in 2007, announced his official resignation in Perth, a place he apparently calls home, on Friday afternoon.

The Western Australian, who was born in New Zealand but left when he was a child, was recently told he remains a dual citizen with that country, meaning he was disqualified from running for office at the 2007, 2013 and 2016 elections – a reprehensible oversight that, in a truly democratic system, would render his replacement and colleagues unelectable in the future.

Conservative media outlets, such as this one, are today cheering at yet another ignoble and appalling fall from grace – from yet another whingeing environmentalist and delusional multiculturalism.

More to come.



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