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Although parliament broke up for holidays last week, a number of leading figures in Canberra have opted to hang around for a week and unwind.

Two of those leading figures are former prime minister Tony Abbott and his ex-friend Christopher Pyne – who happened to attend the same ANU Law Society house party in the northern suburb of Lyneham overnight.

Celebrating the end of exams, the student gathered together at Milton Hartley-Jones’ humble three-bedder on Archibald Street after a long evening of bar-hopping around Civic.

However, somewhere along the line, both Pyne and Abbott got the invite.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate about last night’s awkwardness, Christopher Pyne said running into Tony after all that happened over the weekend was ‘tough to say the least’.

“Oh my giddy Godfather it was awkward!” shrieked Pyne.

“He [Abbott] wouldn’t stop staring at me all night. There I was trying to connect with the youth and future leaders of the nation and all he could do was act like a child! Disappointing!”

“So bitchy.”

The barrel-chested South Australian Leo tried to break the ice by getting his old friend some punch from the kitchen, but when he returned to the dance floor, Abbott turned his nose up at him and slapped the styrofoam cup to the floor, soaking Pyne’s Hush Puppies in cask wine and pineapple juice.

The Advocate reached out to Mr Abbott’s office for comment but got told we’d be put in an Oodnadatta gulag the moment he topples Malcolm Turnbull.



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