The Honourable Bob Katter III MP has told journalists he won’t be spending anymore time on this issue that surrounds where he got his flash new boots.

The leather boots, which don’t look like they’ve been made by his mates at Prospect Street, appear to be made out of a reptillian animal hide.

This has led to questions that Katter may have been discreetly killing crocodiles in the Deep North, following his blow up about civillian deaths related to the animal late last year.

In a doorstop interview following the marriage equality plebiscite result, Mr Katter said people were “entitled to their sexual proclivities, let there be a thousand blossoms bloom” before his demeanour darkened and he declared he would spend no more time on the topic.

“Because in the meantime, every three months a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in north Queensland,” he said.

In response to accusations that he has been firing bullets into the now endangered loung lizards, Katter was quite to put his dukes up.

“A mate gave ’em to me. Why do you care?” roared the Maverick North Queensland Independent after being meet with a media scrum on his way out of Parliament House.

“Sorry should I be wearing square toed Italian leather when I grace the halls of Parliament house? That’s not what we do in the Curry. Maybe in Point Piper – but not up top”

“The leather is red. Have a look at it. It’s as red as Di Natale. Crocs aren’t red. Don’t even pretend you dilussional Southerners know what a croc looks like”

“I’m not spending anymore time on it”


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