In a shocking twist, Barnaby Joyce’s political career is still in tatters, even after telling the entire country the intricate details behind a sexual affair with a much younger staffer who he ended up impregnating, on prime time television.

In a tell-all interview that literally everyone told him was a bad idea, Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has revealed he knew he had impregnated a staffer in mid-2017 around the same time as his citizenship drama. But he went on to fight a by-election without revealing his personal situation.

Mr Joyce and his former media adviser, Vikki Campion, revealed the timeline in a paid interview with Channel Seven.

Surprisingly, these revelations and the subsequent social media backlash hasn’t been any good for Joyce or Campion’s careers.

As someone who came into the public eye as a federal senator, and then a lower house MP, before becoming a cabinet member and eventually the second most powerful politician in this country who was later revealed to have been ineligible to hold any of those positions due his latent New Zealand citizenship, Joyce’s career was already under the pump – well before his lovechild made headlines.

“I suppose I was living a lie,” Joyce conceded at the end of his $150,000 interview last night.

No one in the coalition or opposition have commented on the interview, with many starting to wonder if this can get any worse.



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