Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has been praised by advocates of sun safety this year for his oversized ‘beach akubra’ at Mooloolaba.

After a health scare with sunspots earlier in the year, the member for New England has made a point of covering his fair Kiwi skin with a long sleeved work shirt and a sombrero style cane hat, a type of headwear popular with regional Australians on holiday in the Sunshine Coast.

“Fuck me she’s a hot one” says the leader of the National party.

“Can’t be too bloody careful nowadays”

This report comes days after several other Barnaby-related stories in the Mooloolaba region.

On the 23rd he was spotted berating a South American backpacker for using ‘Havana’ rum when mixing a sugarcane champagne with cola at the Mooloolaba surf club.

The Deputy PM was reportedly ropeable that his rum and coke was made without the Bundaberg branded dark spirit.

On the 24th, he was seen yelling at the teenage deli staff at Mooloolaba Coles for running out of tartare sauce to have with his prawns.

After a big year of controversy, it remains unclear if the regional politician is actually managing to unwind this Christmas.

More to come.


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