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One Nation senators yesterday claimed that race-hate speech laws are protecting Muslim criminals, because everyday citizens are unable to abuse every Muslim come across.

Following on from this, party leader Pauline Hanson called out “lefty” thought police, while also denying she had ever been a racist.

While delivering a statement to Parliament today condemning political correctness in the debate over freedom of speech, Hanson took it upon herself to define what racism actually was.

According to the Senator, a ‘racist’ was someone who believed their race was superior to others, which Hanson said she had never done – apart from the time she published a book that suggested Australia will be run by an Asian lesbian cyborg by 2050 and that Aborigines were cannibals who ate thier own kids.

“Apart from a few slips ups here and there, when have I ever been racist?”

“Apart from me saying that 1.3 billion are a disease and we need to vaccinate against them”

“And all that stuff isn’t even THAT racist anyway”

Hanson then went on to claim that she had, in fact, never said anything that could be considered discriminatory to anyone, except for the time she said anyone with a fear of guns was ‘sexually retarded’.

But the Senator said she had been the target of reverse racism.

“I’ve never had it easy” she said.

“Everyday has been a struggle.”

“If I hadn’t been given five hours of breakfast television a week leading into the Federal election, all of these Muslims and Aboriginals in Parliament would have made sure I never got a seat”



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