17 December, 2015 14:05


As of several hours ago, New South Wales is the second jurisdiction to legalise Uber, following the Australian Capital Territory in October.

This news comes as a relief for the respective state politicians, who have previously accidentally acknowledged that their were active Uber users within their ranks.

Prior to legalisation, it was assumed by sensationalist media outlets, like this one, that people who admit to using the illegal ride-sharing app were criminals. This is not the case, but they certainly were aiding criminals – and still are in states that have not yet legalised this confusing technological business advancement.

In accordance with the Passenger Transport Act, Uber passengers are not in breach of any laws, only the drivers – but a politician cannot be seen to be assisting such an illegal operation, this is why the laws have been changed in states where politicians have openly, and often accidentally, admitted to using Uber.

“I am lucky I didn’t accidentally admit to using Uber, even though I do,” says an unnamed Victorian politician who spoke to the Betoota Advocate earlier today/

“Otherwise the entire decision to ban down here would be based around my fuck up,”

“Politicians can not be seen to be helping criminals, that’s a fact,”

“Unless we are talking about Union corruption. If anything that can only help your political career,”


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