After a big few months of negotiating legislation, the nation’s Workplace Relations and Employment Minister has today taken a breath to talk about something else.

Tony Burke, the rizziest Minister in the nation’s history, has decided to bail up colleague David Pocock for a bit of personal advice.

“Oi, so what do ya reckon about Super Sets,” asked Burke of the Independent ACT Senator, former Wallaby and most stacked bloke to ever walk a metre in the halls of Parliament House.

The question comes after months of the pair negotiating new Industrial Relations legislation, dubbed the Same Job, Same Pay laws, which will see a revolutionising of the gig economy.

However, after months of discussing the small stuff, Burke has reportedly decided it’s time to get some juice out of Pocock.

“Mate, I’ve acted on his proposed changes to the legislation, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for a few tips on getting yoked,” laughed Burke today.

“So I just asked him for a few pointers,” said the Smith Machine operator.

“Apparently he reckons I’m wasting my time on the Elliptical,” sighed Burke.

“But he gave me a few other tips. I’m hoping to get in for a sesh with him next week, should be epic haha.”

When asked about the interaction, Pocock sighed.

“Every day man.”

“Tony Burke asking for tips on a one rep max on the bench is not something I expected to be answering in 2023.”

“But here we are.”


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