21 September, 2016 15:35


With over 60,000 units of The Betoota Advocate’s new book sold in just 48 hours, the race is on for thousands of disengaged adult sons across the nation to secure their copy of a book that has just enough swearing in it to make Dad laugh no matter what.

The Betoota Advocate’s first ever venture into the world of publishing has been a red hot success, topping both Peter Stefanovic and Andy Lee’s respective book sales in just two days.

Local disengaged adult son, Jackson Brutley (28) says this is the perfect gift for Dad, and that he imagines it is the type of book he will interrupt plenty of dinner parties to go and find when he can’t remember the end of a story.

“My old man loves sport, hates all levels of government and would be considered very political incorrect by Guardian readers,” he says, while emptying his cart on the ABC Books online store.

“I’m just never at home enough these days to keep up with his prejudices and sporting alliances. I think this book will have me covered,”

The book has also been wildly popular with a different demographic entirely, girlfriends who look at their phones heaps.

Local boyfriend, Dennis Gerrard (27) says he can’t wait to gift his girlfriend easily digestible online content, in print.

“It’s the type of thing we can look at together. She hates me looking over her shoulder when she’s reading Betoota yarns on her phone, so I thought I’d just buy the shit in A4 size.”

Touted as a collection of the best stories ever written, plus a host of new material from Australia’s oldest newspaper ‘The Betoota Advocate Round-Up’ has been at the centre of plenty of legal issues in the process of getting this thing on the shelves.

Local Hillsong church leader, Peter File, says this book would make a terrific present for anyone living in sin, or anyone who lacks any moral fibre. He has told us that we will be hearing from well-paid lawyers very shortly.

BUY IT HERE: https://shop.abc.net.au/products/betoota-advocate-round-up-pbk



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