Tasmanian police will investigate Tony Abbott’s claim that he was headbutted by a Tasmanian in Hobart on Thursday after the former Oxford university boxer, turned former prime minister lodged a formal complaint.

However, Mr Abbott only made his complaint to police when they phoned him after learning of the incident via media interviews when he’s slow-paced media brain realised he might be able to get some points for the No campaign out of all of this.

However, the alleged protestor, Arthur Strahan (43) says he doesn’t at all regret head butting fascists, and that his grandfather that fought against the Nazis in the North Africa would be proud.

“I’d do it again” he said.

“That old dinosaur is lucky I didn’t connect with both heads”

“I did it for his sister”

Abbott says his forehead doesn’t hurt nearly enough as his feelings which are being battered each day by the No campaign.

“With all this stuff that’s happening to Pell in the Victorian courts, as well as all this talk about gay people being given basic human rights, it’s quite hard being an upper middle class North Shore Catholic public servant”

“Especially when you fly to shithole towns only to be made aware that even these people don’t agree with you”



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