There’s trouble in the Hunter this week, as a proud 3rd generation Scone farmer lays down the law to protect his family’s rich agricultural history.

After spending several weeks hearing grapevine rumours about his daughter’s controversial new romantic interest, it’s believed 66-year-old Gerald Kelly has done his best to squash the potential of any inter-town mingling, especially with a dirty coal miner from Muswellbrook.

At approximately 10:52pm on Saturday evening, it’s understood Mr Kelly was seen sitting on the steps of his Gundy property, patiently waiting for his daughter Chelsea (28) to arrive home after a day at the Races. As a rather embarrassed Chelsea arrived home, it’s believed Mr Kelly took the opportunity to set clear ground rules, to block any possibility of marrying south of Aberdeen.

“Chelsea, I’m not mad about you being out late, you’re old enough to go out and make your own decisions,” said an emphatic Mr Kelly.

“But I didn’t send you to a North Shore boarding school for you to shack up with some high-vis hooligan pulling coal from the ground outside of Denman.”

“What would you Grandma think if she came home and saw our clothesline filled with reflective orange, she’d be horrified!”

Canvassing the pages of local gossip threads, The Advocate can report the rural Romeo causing deep rifts within the Kelly family is one Tyler Barnett, a hot new Plant Mechanic who’s recently arrived in town after a long stint in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

Speaking to a rather upset Chelsea, the love-deprived Juliet admitted she was still willing to enter treacherous dating territory, in spite of her father’s requests to keep the family’s bloodline “coal-free”.

“I met Tyler at the rodeo in town, he’s a really nice guy and his tatts are kinda hot!”

“He’s loaded, great with his hands and loves his footy!”

“To be honest he and Dad would get along great, if only my rusted Father could look past the Commodore he drives and for God’s sake just give him a chance!!”

More to come.


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