Despite almost a twenty year career in media, Rove McManus has not really aged much.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation have today announced a new wave of federal funding to looking this bizarre phenomena.

“Usually short white guys age the fastest” says CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall.

“This is a bit funny to be honest. How old is the bloke? Like 50 by now surely”

Born John Henry Michael McManus in January 1974, the former late night host collaquiolly known as ‘Rove’ is an Australian triple Gold Logie award-winning comedian and media personality. He was the host of the ill-fated comedy talk show Rove LA and was also the host of the eponymous variety show Rove – which was based in Australia and much better.

Today, the federal government agency for scientific research in Australia says they are throwing as much man hours and money into this research project as possible.

“We need to find out what he’s been eating. He’s looking pretty good” says Marshall.

“Like aside from a few shonky early 2000’s haircuts, the bloke has looked the exact same for years”

Rove was asked for comment but was only willing to tell our reporters that he wanted them to say hi to their mums for him.


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