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In what might be one for the history books, the founder of local online gambling company, Murray Blackstock, is breaking down the industry’s sexist stereotypes by hiring women who can ‘hang with the guys.’

Blackstock’s company, BallerBets, is a rapidly growing Betootacone Valley gambling app, boasting a staff of nearly 50 – which now includes two female employees.

Something Blackstock is very proud of.

“It’s such a male-dominated industry and I thought it was time we get some ladies up in here. As long as they don’t mind a bit of the blue talk now and then hey!”

Taking great pride in his staff, the tech millionaire insists that while he does have a feminist focus, he also wants to find the best people, professionally and socially.

“You know, you always gotta find the right man for the job and in a few cases the right man turned out to be a chick. And not just any girls, they’re really cool you know? They don’t mind when the conversation gets a bit vulgar, which it always does!”

“Sam? She’s on reception. Bit of a friendly face which a lot of the legends here appreciate. There’s also Polly on graphic design, cool girl, understands sports you know?”

We reached out to graphic designer Polly Hagarty (24) to ask her opinion on her role as a woman in a male-dominated industry with a sexist history.

“Look, it’s really hard getting paid graphic design work. I’d work for Pauline Hanson if she paid me enough. Maybe the conversation would be a bit less filthy there.”

“They think I’m fine with it because I have two brothers and understand racing, but really I’m just putting up with this shit so I can pay my bills. And it’s not that fucking hard to understand the fastest horse is the one that wins!”

“What am I supposed to do, call them on their shit while they talk about all the disgusting shit they get up to over the weekend? I’ll finish the year out here and look somewhere else.”

More to come.


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