A recent report by the University Of Western Queensland has found that adults should not feel uncomfortable about enjoying, or even singing along to, British musician Robbie Williams.

Professor Kerrod Walters from UWQ says that the music made by the bad boy of 1999-2005 pop is undeniable good stuff, and that enjoying it is only a natural human response.

32-year-old concreter, Grant Mason, says he is relieved by these findings.

“Anyone who works on a construction site would know how often tradesmen are exposed to the work of Robbie Williams” he said.

“Even with the dial on Triple M, we are exposed to plenty of stuff from Sign when you’re winning (1999)”

“It’s just so fucking good”

The report has found that there is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing all of the lyrics to Love Supreme or Rock DJ – and that grown men especially should feel proud that they do so.

“It’s real babymaking music” says Professor Walters.

“Anyone who tries to say that Robbie Williams’ music is for ‘pansies’ is obviously not 100% comfortable with their own feelings”

“Robbie Williams is the closest thing Gen-Y had to Leonard Cohen”

“The fact is, most people know his music through incessant airplay and touring – so anyone pretending they don’t are the ones that we should be worried about”

The report has also found there is nothing wrong with enjoying any music made by Ricky Martin, James Blunt, Ed Sheeran or Natalie Umbruglia.


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