Recent substitute teacher, Andrew Smith (23) has today blown away his temporary Grade 7 class at South Betoota Primary School by his ability to correctly pronounce one of the more complicated student surnames.

During the 9am roll call, Mr Smith showed his worldliness by successfully pronouncing 13-year-old Sarah Remienko’s ‘exotic’ family name.

The newly certified educator paused briefly before tackling the gruelling task of a four-syllable word of Polish background.

“… Sarah… Rem-ee-yenk-oh? Is Sarah here?” he asked.

The entire class sat still in awe before a noticeably cheerful Sarah responded with a timid “here”.

By little lunch, the entire school was talking about the new substitute’s amazing way with words.

SBPS Principal, Mrs Lawson says it’s a refreshing change to host a teacher who knows how to pronounce names that aren’t Smith or Jones.

“It’s a shame we’ll be kicking this young bloke out on his arse the moment Mrs Duignan gets back from maternity leave”

“But good on the young fella. He must have travelled overseas to Europe at some point when he was younger”

“We’ve never seen anything like it”



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