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Local retiree Harry Thompson has inadvertently become a style sensation by incorporating an unexpected accessory into his daily wardrobe – toilet rolls strategically placed under his jumper to mimic the appearance of breasts. The trendsetter’s grandson, Jimmy, reportedly finds the unconventional fashion statement hilariously amusing.

Last Tuesday, the 72-year-old Harold discovered an excess of unused toilet rolls in his basement. Rather than letting them go to waste, he decided to repurpose the rolls, placing them beneath his jumper in a move that has left family and friends both bewildered and amused.

Witnesses claim that Harry, oblivious to the potential cultural shockwaves he was creating, proudly showcased his avant-garde attire within the confines of his kitchen. Jimmy, initially perplexed by his grandfather’s peculiar choice, soon found himself doubled over with laughter at the unintentional comedic value of the scene.

“Grandpa! Nooooo!” Jimmy yelled.

Grandpa was in his element, according to the man himself.

“Even my son laughed and he’s quite a serious cat,” he said.

“He came in wearing a Punisher T-shirt once and I asked him if it came in mens! [laughs] What a tough guy! [laughs] I shouldn’t laugh and he’s my boy but he was in the Air Force [laughs] Sorry! [laughs] I was in the army for years. It’s hard to explain but, you know, people in the Air Force [laughs] I should stop before I get in trouble,”

“The toilet roll boobs is a classic.”

More to come.


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