A French Quarter man has today found himself in a heated argument with the devil on his shoulder.

Andrew Ready (29) was reportedly spotted deep in thought this morning, after pondering what he should be doing tonight.

Realising he actually didn’t have any plans on this fine Friday night, Ready said his mind began flirting with the idea of chiming into a couple of group chats.

However, the impulse to fire off a few messages (that could come back to bite him) was immediately tapered by the fact this is his only free night until he’s sitting in his family home wearing a stupid paper crown.

“Yeah, it’s the only Friday where I don’t have some Christmas party related or birthday event on,” he mused to our reporter.

“Which means I should probably make the most of it, have a nice meal, relax, wake up fresh, maybe do some exercise.”

“Or, I could seize the opportunity to go the pub with a few mates who I know I’ll have a good time with, get too excited, eat a meal consisting 50% of fried potatoes, get carried away, pick some takeaway up on the way home and wake up feeling like a piece of shit tomorrow,” he grinned.

“Decisions, decisions, decisions.”

More to come.


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