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Despite looming concerns about the state of Australia’s housing market, one local Real Estate Agent assured us today that everything is going to be okay.

“Now is a fantastic time to buy,” Angus Black told one of our reporters.

“The market is booming. Absolutely booming. We are seeing year on year incredible returns in the housing market. It’s the safest place to put your money,” he said almost convincingly.

As Australia’s property market has now been classified as “severely unaffordable” according to a recent study from Demographia, and supply is finally starting to meet demand in terms of occupation of premises, we asked Black whether it was his instictive self-preservation talking.

“No mate. I am as straight as an arrow. I tell ya (sic) how it is. No nonsense, no rubbish from me.”

“The commission is barely even at the back of my mind when I am opening doors for homebuyers,” he said as he flicked through his phone while people wandered around during a home inspection in the Ponds.

The man who has been working in Real Estate for 18 months after finishing a university degree in sound production told us that the only way is up for house prices in the country,

“My piece of advice would be, get in now, before it’s too late and you’ve missed the boat.”

Wanda Carson from the School Of Economics at Betoota Polytechnic shook her head when we told her what young Black told us.

“You know how the term cowboys is associated with concreters, demo labourers that sort of ilk? Well, Real Estate agents need to be lumped in with them,” she said.

“Interests rates are at record lows, new building work is still at extremely high levels despite the demand actually slowing, and the rate of income to debt in Australia is scary at the moment.”

“In my opinion, Australians should be focusing on learning to ride a horse and hunt wild animals”


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