Mike Baird has described Hollywood star Sam Neill as a blasphemous ally of homosexuals, and a man that has lost touch with contemporary Sydney

19 August, 2016. 09:40

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Three days after Hollywood superstar Sam Neill slammed the NSW government’s “deeply regrettable” decisions to impose nightlife lock-out laws, Premier Mike Baird has responded with a vitriolic attack on the Jurassic Park actor’s “moral fibre”.

Speaking to NOVA radio in Sydney this morning, Baird fired back at Neill’s claims.

“I think it’s very rich for some two-bit creative to fly in here overnight and accuse me of negligence in my role as Premier,”

“He’s the one that has made a living out of blasphemic evolution propaganda,”

Neill’s comments came during his visit to Parramatta Park to announce the annual Tropfest film festival will move from Centennial Park to Western Sydney, the 68-year-old Kiwi said: “I’m grumpy because Sydney used to be such a vibrant and exciting place in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

“There was an extraordinary culture but the vibrancy has been sucked out of the place.”

However, Mike Baird says he won’t be made to feel guilty by a man who’s spent his life associating with homosexuals and engaging in pre-marital sex with women who live out of home.

“The very fact that this man was given a platform to make these comments is what is wrong with our media,” he said.

“We moved this feral film festival to Parramatta for a reason – and he’s used it as an opportunity to reminisce about inner-Sydney… as though it still belongs to the perverts,”

“This is a man who starred in two different films that show scientists cloning dinosaurs – and what’s worse, they suggest that this so called ‘Jurassic Period’ happened over 80 million years ago,”

“The man is morally corrupt and I have no respect for people who think the world is that old,”

Another Baird ruling that Neill chose to take aim at was the Greyhound Racing ban in NSW.

“Shutting down the dogs is a crime, it’s a valuable part of working-class culture. Film and racing and dogs are part of Australian culture.” said Neill, a comment that was also responded to by Baird.

“If this man honestly thinks my city should designate eight acres to a greyhound track, then he really is as stupid as he looks,”

“If you want to gamble, go down to the Casino – it’s just a stone’s throw from Wentworth Park anyway,”

“Or should I say, Hillsong Park”



  1. oh mike you are so self rightious arn’t you you son of a wealthy family you do not live in the real world hardly any have a silver spoon in their mouth but you obviously do you need to get down to earth and mix with the mostly common people to realise what you are dealing with you do not care about the honoust every day person because you have probably never been associated with them in your entire live i feel sorry for you for that because you live in a fools rich fools paradise nop that i care that you are rich i don’t in anyway BUT you need to see how the other more then half live and survive

  2. Yet another Happy Clapper who thinks the bible contains no untruths, and the world was created 6000 years ago at 2-30pm Wednesday.
    I always thought his Sister was the Family idiot, but obviously its a shared burden

  3. Mohummad Baird is as corrupt as they come. The lock out laws are not there to protect anyone, it’s because he’s planning on selling the Cross & Oxford streets to the highest bidders for development! It has nothing to do with safety! As for Wentworth Park it was sold in 2015, Mirvac pulled out of the sale and it was sold to a Chinese investor, plans for Wentworth Park are a 10,000 apartment complexes, expansion of Sydney University, a private train line to accomodate James Packers multi millionaire mates to fly into Sydney and catch the train direct from the airport to his planned 6 star casino on darling harbour that will be a private “by invitation” only establishment, Wentworth park will also host a tram line and schools. The greyhound ban has nothing to do with the safety of dogs and everything to do with making money. Baird is corrupt, a fraud anti gay, anti woman anti science and also a convert to Islam. Dig deep and you will find more! Bring this corrupt communist down!

  4. Mr Baird, it is easier to believe there are dinosaurs before than believing there are no corruption between the government and big corporations.


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