19 March, 2016. 13:15

MERV HARRIS | Brown Snake Correspondent | CONTACT

The recipient of the next statue to be erected outside Lang Park was revealed this morning at a QRL breakfast: a much anticipated bronze idol of the headgear worn by arguably the greatest rugby league player of his generation, the great Steve ‘The Pearl’ Renouf.

“We are exceptionally pleased to announce that The Pearl’s headgear will finally return to Lang Park, in the form of a statue” said QRL spokesman David Oldham.

“After a lengthy consideration and voting process, the choice for statue subject was narrowed down to Jonathon Thurston or Steve Renouf’s headgear, and after that is was basically a landslide for the trusty old Madison”

“The Pearl’s headgear is synonymous with Queensland rugby league, and we believe that it will inspire many future generations of passionate and cautious rugby league players going forward.”

The Advocate understands the statue will not feature The Pearl himself, but will simply be an oversized metal replica of the Madison headgear the future immortal wore during his playing career – a garmet that many believe gave him super powers.

Local bronze artisan and part-time bookie Chris Hyndes has been selected to craft the work, “It’s a great honour” he said, “…I’m thrilled to be part of recreating one of the most iconic pieces of world sporting history.

“It’s a great day for my family, this isn’t like one of the other statues there… This is important to so many people that live along the banks of the Brown Snake”.

The Pearl himself was ecstatic at the news when interviewed by The Advocate at the front bar of The Caxton at 10.01am this morning.

“I can’t believe it, it’s like a dream come true. That headgear is a part of me, I still wear it all the time, it’s like a child to me” said the former Cherbourg Hornet.

“Ever since I can remember I’ve been wearing it. It’s not a trademark, it’s got a life of it’s own. My only concern was having to take it off for the plastering – but they looked after it.” he said before dropping a shot glass into his schooner of XXXX Bitter.

Local fans were very happy with the decision, with hundreds turning out to see a mock-up of the design which is on display in the reception at QRL headquarters on Castlemaine Street.


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