8 July, 2016. 09:30

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One Nation leader Pauline Hanson became enraged earlier today when she discovered the only obtainable Pikachu was located in a mosque on the virtual ‘maps’ feature of the new Pokemon GO app.

Sources confirm that that controversial senator had been completing her Pokedex when she discovered the prize Pokémon was inside a South Brisbane mosque.

Mrs Hanson was was then forced to leave her comfort zone and enter the place of worship as a guest, resulting in several conversations with practicing Australian-Muslims.

While it appears that the experience may have slightly opened Mrs Hanson’s mind to the idea of multiculturalism and inclusion, she became ‘ropeable’ when the Pikachu managed to evade capture – leaving her with no option other than the blame the Muslims that were present.

During a press conference, Ms Hanson was quick to call for a boycott of Islam: “We have to take a strong stance against Muslims to ensure our way of life and our ability to catch ‘em all.”

Whether Hanson is aware that Pokemon is an Asian product remains unknown.


  1. I never stop to be amazed as to what kind of idiots I live amongst. Did the imbecile that wrote that crap actually succesfully finished preschool?

  2. Frank, you would say, “cease to be amazed.” As you have it written now you are saying “the amount of idiots I live amongst does not amaze me at all.. if you want to “actually successfully” insult someone, proper use of your preferred language is key.


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