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After an embarrassing but perfectly executed example of mob mentality, local man Dominic Locke (25), says his chances of entering into a relationship with a bird he met through coworkers are now non-existent.

Dominic had only met Ms. Wesser twice before at after-work functions, but following a warm and friendly conversation on Friday night, he felt confident enough to request her friendship on Facebook while travelling home in an Uber.

However, after waking up this morning, Mr Locke was horrified to find that a vast amount of his male Facebook friends had ‘liked’ their new friendship notification.

“It’s really beyond a joke. 140 people? That’s like an entire football club” he said.

“Half of them don’t even know me that well. Actually some of them I don’t even know at all…”

With male facebook users from high school, university, his football club and work friendship circles deciding to make things awkward for Dominic, he feels as though he has no choice other than to delete her friendshipon Facebook and hope to never see her again.

“2nd grade colts at my footy club were getting involved in that,”

“She either thinks I’m a serial killer or a full blown battler. 140 fucking likes!?”

While Mr Locke does acknowledge a lot of the attention might be a result of Ms. Wesser’s provocative ‘hotdogs or legs’ cover photo, he says he has no idea what to say to their mutual friend Stacey when he is back at work on Monday.

“How the fuck do I explain that?

“I feel like I’m intimidating her – It’s like I’ve been involved in a sex tape scandal,”

“I don’t even know Stacey that well. This has really fucked me up.”

The Betoota Advocate approached Kerri-Anne for comment but she accused our reporters of “invading her privacy” and told them that she didn’t need this stress.



  1. Mate, relax. A chick decides if she is going to root you or not in the first five seconds after you meet for the first time. The facebook likes really won’t make a difference.


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