Pauline Hanson’s One Nation have today declared it might be time to just let all of our vulnerable homeless, elderly and immunocompromised citizens die off – as COVID-19 becomes a bit too much of an inconvenience for the powerbrokers of Australia’s far-right conspiracist minor party.

The Victorian branch has this week done exactly what everyone expected them to do, albeit several months too late and called for Australia to take a more Swedish approach to managing COVID-19.

Since the first outbreaks in Europe, Sweden has opted to avoid shutting down their economy is the same way Victoria has. Instead going for much milder measures with the herd immunity approach that allowed citizens to continue living their life with a focus on the health system, in a hope that ‘everyone eventually gets it’ and they

It’s an idea looked appealing, and suggested the possibility of containing the pandemic at a much lower economic cost.

Sweden’s wildly ambitious approach to managing the pandemic has since resulted in 343 deaths per million people, one of the highest mortality rates from COVID-19 in the world.

The state branch of the prominent white supremacist organisation took to social media to share an image showing various COVID-19 statistics for Victoria, including numbers of cases and deaths, the positive test rate and the fatality rate.

“These numbers CANNOT be denied” the post read, in the same populist tone as the dark web conspiracist forums that so heavily influence One Nation’s social policies.

“Either these are false or every single politician at every level of government FAILED AT MATHS!”

“It’s time to stop reading from the UN play book, adopt a proven to work model from Sweden/Taiwan/Switzerland and get on with our lives!”

These comments have left Pauline Hanson’s voter base confused, as the ‘Swedish herd immunity’ model is one that is known to kill even more elderly people than the Victorian aged care system.

While One Nation has made it clear in the past that they have no qualms in the relocation, and/or eradication, of homeless people and public housing residents – the idea of killing off all the old codgers appears a little counterproductive.

Especially for a party that only exists because of the elderly people that vote for them out of fear of being beheaded by ISIS in the main street of Toowoomba.

At time of press, 5,820 had died from coronavirus in Sweden, a country with a population half the size of Australia’s – making it the worst nation to live in if you are in the age bracket most likely to vote for One Nation.


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