A popular Brisbane club on Ann Street in Fortitude Valley has closed its doors after 14 years of operation after it failed to upload it’s New Years Eve photos before the following weekend.

Scott, the 23 year old manager who is also an entrepreneur said “1 star Facebook reviews started coming in along with abusive messages and the crowds just boycotted us”.

One review on the club’s Facebook post read “can’t believe last weekend’s pics still aren’t up! How am I supposed to gram the pic i got. The photo guy had to re-take it 3 times of me and my friend. #noton #nevergoingback!”.

A message from Corey in the clubs inbox read “were the fuk r the photos from sat nite ?!” while Dan posted a public outcry to the clubs FB page saying “im from bracken ridge, usualy we just go 2 the local but decided too treet myself and the boys on sat…. Where r the pics ????”

After the public rage ensued the clubs owner thought it be best that from a financial perspective, the club shut down. The club’s Facebook page now has a no star rating and sits with a measly half a star rating on google reviews.

A spokesperson for the Brisbane city council said “it’s no surprise the club had to shut down, it’s the digital age and patrons want their memories”.

When asked if they thought it was an overreaction, the spokesperson responded “no i don’t think so, I mean attendee’s want proof of their wild drug and alcohol fueled night! The club has an obligation to provide that”.


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