TV and sports fans in Australia have today issued a plea to all of the major streaming services.

In the wake of the huge reception to the Beckham documentary, there have been growing calls for a series about the actual greatest power couple the world has ever seen.

“Becks and Posh is great, but now it’s time to make Becs and Lley Lley,” explained one local tv consumer.

“They were the true power couple of the early 2000s.”

For those who are still enjoying the perks of Free to Air television, Beckham is a new documentary about football megastar David Beckham and pop superstar Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice).

Given the global appeal and the crossover between multiple elements of pop culture, the show has been declared a resounding hit.

While it’s hard to imagine a documentary series that could top the global appeal of the two titanic figures, it’s been confirmed that Australia’s power couple Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Hewitt (nee Cartwright) could actual be the pinnacle of TV.

“It needs to happen,” said the aforementioned viewer.

It’s believed a proposed series could cover the humble Adelaide beginnings of former World Number One tennis player Lleyton Hewitt, his relationship with fellow Number One Kim Clijsters and his eventual marriage to Australian TV Royalty Bec Hewitt.

“From her cameos in Water Rats and Roar all the way to becoming the Queen of The Bay,” explained a proponent of the show.

“We’ve never seen anything bigger than Bec and Lleyton.”

“And we will probably never see anything like it again.”

“It’s got to be made.”

“Imagine Kate Richie and Ada Nicodemou spilling the beans.”

“It would be champagne.”

It’s still unknown if anyone has secured the rights to the doco, but it’s believed various movers and shakers are frantically working behind the scenes to make it happen.


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