LEROY PERCIVAL | Central-Coast Queensland Folk-Rock Editor | CONTACT
A local do-gooder has today faced one of her toughest moral dilemmas whilst driving to the shops this morning.

As Theresa McKillop, Mother of 3 and grandmother of 2, drove down Betoota’s Main St following a solid downpour, she quickly calculated that she would be driving past a big juicy puddle at exactly the time a middled-aged couple would walk by the same body of water.

“They say you should embrace opportunity and never let it slip by” said Mrs McKillop, who had merely seconds to decide whether to edge over a bit, or be respectful to the innocent pedestrians and keep a wide berth.

“I had so many conflicting voices in my head. I honestly felt like a politician about to cheat on his family with a really hot young chick without protection”.

We pressed Mrs McKillop on whether she hit the puddle or not, although we did not get a definite answer. “I feel that it was worth it” she said, with a big shit-eating grin on her face.


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