A local Melbourne man is today revelling in a gourmet experience.

Although gourmet is not a word usually associated with Flemington’s General Admission, it can be confirmed that one of the menu items at the race track is actually tapping into a new foodie trend.

With the ‘paddock to plate’ experience taking off around the country, Racing Victoria is now getting around the trend, by ensuring that punters can see exactly where their meal is coming from.

“When you dig into a nice meat pie, you are enjoying the produce that lived and died right in front of your eyes,” said a spokesperson for Racing Victoria.

“We all know that 50-80% of all meat pies are filled with horse meat, and now we are reminding people that the horses that die as part of the racing industry are actually going into their bellies.”

“We had 168 horses die on the track last financial year, and a countless number more die as fodder in an industry that sends ‘horses to farms’ as soon as they stop turning a profit for those who own and train them.”

“So turning them into meat pies at the races is an organic and sustainable process, that everyone can enjoy, knowing that the dying horsies aren’t going to waste.”

“Obviously the glue by-products of horses is another benefit from the industry, but it’s not as sexy to be giving people bottles of clag.”

“Or sticks of UHF.”

“So we are wining and dining on being able to offer punters a paddock to plate experience.”


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