Local man, Jared Smith, has finally mustered up the courage to reach out to his crush on Instagram.

After stalking her profile daily for a few months and laugh reacting to every story, Jared has decided it’s time to step up and make a move.

He found the perfect opportunity to message when the girl in question, Liz Kent, posted something about her studies.

“I thought I’d ask her what she studied,” said Jared.

“You know, to show I care about more than just her looks.”

After a torturous 24 hours, Liz gave Jared a simple two-word reply which prompted him to ask even more questions.

“Aw cool, what uni do you go to?”

“How long have you been studying?”

“What are you going to do when you finish?”

Though Liz politely answered his questions in a time frame not quick enough to raise his hopes, Jared has taken Liz’s monosyllabic answers as obvious indications of interest.

“I’ve never met her but I’d really like to,” said Jared, “I reckon we’d get along really well.”

Jared has since been watching Liz’s Instagram stories the instant she posts them, and is waiting for the perfect opportunity to slide into her DMs again.

So far all attempts at having a lasting conversation have been blocked by Liz heart reacting messages instead of replying.

Not one to be discouraged, Jared has taken these clear piss off signals as a sign that he should message Liz even more.

“Yeah I might ask her out,” says Jared as he likes one of her photos from twelve weeks ago, “she seems pretty keen.”

More to come.


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