4 October 2016. 09:25


Local jet-ski owner, Bryden Foreman (38) says the next four weeks are going to be so fucking classic.

As a father of three in Sydney’s North-Western suburbs, Bryden doesn’t think there is much chance that the imminent presidential election will affect him that much, which is why he thinks it would be so funny if Donald Trump wins.

“It’d definitely make the news more interesting,” he said.

“It’d be like WWE every time we tune in [laughter]”

Bryden, like many other comfortable suburban Australians, thinks politics is boring and usually votes in accordance with what he learns on Sunrise and through the opinion collumns in the Daily Telegraph.

“I don’t get too far into the paper,” he says.

“I usually read it from the back and by the time I’ve read what Andrew [Bolt] and Miranda [Devine] have said I’m pretty much over it,”

“It seems everyone is picking on Trump because he’s not a proper politician,”

“Personally I think it would so fucking funny if he won.”



  1. You have Jet-Ski owners in Australia?
    In The Canadas, we only rent them. No body would actually own one.

    Mr. Foreman shouldn’t feel too comfortable in suburbia. By the looks of him, he’s only one “X(1)” away from a massive infarct. Or at the very least a hefty TIA

    (1) “Chip” for my North American readers. “Crisp” for my Britishcritter readers. And who-the-fuck-cares for my Australian readers.

  2. Yeah you snobs. We all get our politics from Sunrise, The Telegraph, Andrew Bolt, and Miranda Devine. What’s wrong with that? Sure beats having to think about it. We are all very busy you know. (Sometimes I cross-reference with Alan Jones just to make sure we are on the right track.)

  3. I love the way these hipster tools bang on about Andrew Bolt and the Telegraph, as if anyone who doesn’t live in some inner-city shoebox and read the Guardian like them must be an ignorant fool because…well just because they’re not them.

    Meanwhile, every simpering word that drops out of Waleed Aly, every thought bubble that makes the front page of Fairfax, is like gold to these sneering fools – they ALL have the same opinion. About every fucking thing.
    But there’s no groupthink here, no sir. They all have a fucking Arts degree. They know stuff.


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